Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Entry Way

You may remember a while back that at the garage sale I purchase an entry way piece that I was really excited about.

Well this weekend we finally hung it!

I apologize I didn't get any pictures of it going up, I give my boyfriend mad props, he hung it while I was out shopping with my girlfriend (mind you we had decided he was going to), but I was very excited that he actually followed through!

A few weeks ago, when we went to home depot to buy our patio plant  we also picked up a few items to help us hang this piece. 

The first thing we purchased was the actual hanging kit. Since it's a little heavier, we needed a heavy duty hanging kit, which we found at Home Depot for about $8. It hangs up to 100lbs. 

And then we bought hooks to go under it. 

I was bummed that they didn't have any silver hooks that worked, but settled on a gold set with the intention that when we paint this piece (decide on a color, I have a few ideas) we'll paint the hooks as well. 

So when I came home from Ikea, this is what I found:

Isn't it wonderful?

I'm in love. I can't wait to start painting it, but first we need to set all of our colors. I'm set on doing greys, teals, and yellows throughout the house, with pops of red in the kitchen, but we'll figure it out as time progresses. 

Also, for the patio, I bought a new fun thing! But the walls ended up being concrete, so we'll have to buy better tools to hang everything. Hopefully we can get this taken care of this weekend. :-D


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