Monday, August 6, 2012

The Garage Sale

The other weekend, actually, last weekend, I went to my parents neighborhood garage sale. 

Usually, when you think of a garage sale, you think of a single house, looking something like this:

But, what you don't know, is that my parents neighborhood hosts the largest garage sale in all of Southern California, so it looks a little more something like this:

And this:

It's like a huge garage sale street fair!!! You can even get food! Things usually get started around 530/6 in the morning, we didn't get going until about 7 because well frankly, I wanted the extra hour of sleep and 7 is early enough to still find pretty good stuff.

One of the things that the garage sale is famous for is the egg rolls, this year the woman who does the egg rolls brought in a few thousand, imagine, a few thousand just from a freaking garage sale!?!? The line was to long for us, I mean, after all it's not like we don't have them yearly, so we decided to try out another vendor

The taco stand was located on the other side of the neighborhood, but boy was it good

Love carne asada, despite the fact that it was only like 9 in the morning. You reach a point where it almost feels like noon ha!

I did find some awesome finds for my new home as well!

This painting I saw and immediately pictured it hanging up in my laundry room. Especially for $2

Walked by this wine rack and was like, hmm, I've been wanting/needing a wine rack, and for $1, why not?

The best find of the day though was this beauty below:

I saw this and immediately fell in love. It will be one of my projects and I plan on hanging it right in my entry way. Thinking of painting it like a distressed teal and adding hooks to the bottom. I pictured it immediately after seeing it, which never happens, especially for $8.


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