Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest Post- The Bed

So my past weekend ended up being a little more busy than I had originally intended. I had to take the girls to the vet, run errands, had shopping and lunch with my grandmother, desperately needed to grocery shop, and just ended up a little more broke than I had thought, which pushed back my projects a little farther. :-(

I have been reassured though that this weekend we will definitely be getting those things done. And I'm doing some shopping for decor, so I'm very excited!

Thankfully my Aunt is on top of her projects. 

Here's her story:

So we were at this HUGE garage sale, I am sure you saw Erin's pictures of it, and we scored on a great twin size bed for my soon to be teen-age daughter.  I live in a fairly small condo, and was excited because this had drawers underneath.  The bed was only $20 and I just knew my husband could make it look great.  He started by removing the two sets of drawers on the sides, they were too broken to re-use.

 We have had several projects where we re-used furniture who had drawers that were broken and have found it is pretty basic to turn them into shelves and cubbies.  So, we framed out the empty drawer spaces with plywood and used wood glue and clamps along with nails to set it in place. 

 You do not have to use expensive plywood which can run upwards of $40 a sheet, you can use a lesser grade, this sheet was $8.  Here is a view from the top once the box was completed. 

You want to use wood putty to get a very nice corner where the two pieces meet.

 After that, lightly skim all the plywood in putty, this will make up for the lesser quality plywood when it comes time to sand and paint.  Also make sure you use wood putty to completely fill all the joints so you get a nice smooth finish.  Then sand, sand, sand......and when you think you are done, sand again.  

The bed then took two coats of Kilz Primer before the final white coat was applied.  

We painted the inside of the new cubbies purple to match her room.  Disaster struck when we finally went to move the bed into her room....it was too big to make the turn from the hallway!  My husband actually sawed it right in half and then bracketed it back into one piece.  So excuse the putty in the final picture - it still needs a touch of sanding and a little touch-up paint!

Didn't that turn out great!?!?

I'm very looking forward to getting some of my own project done this weekend! :-)


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