Monday, August 20, 2012

Inspiration- Living Room

Well, my living room is still looking pretty close to the same as this photo:

With the new addition of this on that far wall corner to the right of the blinds

We're not quite 100% certain on the direction we're going to go, but here's some inspiration and idea's that I have:

I basically am wanting the room to be soft, with more grey's, white's, teal's, blues, and soft natural greens/plants. I'm thinking I may also take the "furniture" direction more into browns and woods, rather than blacks. I'm not sure about the couch yet, boyfriend wants to keep the red, but I'm thinking more of a brown or grey or something. We may try out a cover or two to see what direction we'd like to take it. For now thought, I'm just trying to soften it up, not that I don't like the red, just not the direction I picture the house taking. :-)

And, as always, you can also check out more thoughts, ideas, and inspirations on my "new pad" pinterest, found here


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