Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The New

Sunday was a pretty exciting day for us.

We hosted for the first time ever, a family dinner. My mother (who is amazing btw) was so excited, she brought me over some house warming presents.

I had told her that for the kitchen I wanted little pops of red, so she bought me this beautiful bowl, that I will probably fill with fruit. 

She also bought me this amazing table cloth and this basket. I'm not quite sure exactly what I'm going to do with the basket yet, but I love it and am excited to figure it out! Anyone have any suggestions? 

We also picked up our new bed! 

It was a house warming present from a friend of ours, who wasn't using it and was basically going to donate it or try to sell it anyways. 
Plus, remember that cute duvet I posted in my bedroom inspiration post? 

Well I'm getting it for my birthday next month!! Won't that look cute? 

Plus, since we have a new bed, we only thought it appropriate to buy our girls new beds as well, since we won't all fit on the queen. 

They love them. :-)

I'm really excited! Slowly but surely things are starting to come together. 

Here's a shot from my entrance way of how the front room is looking. Our first priority for the front room is to buy a chair to replace that awesome camp chair that boyfriend's been using as his gaming chair :-p. 


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