Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Treasures to Use

As you probably remember from my last post I bought a few awesome treasures from the garage sale.

Well, here's a little update of what I've done so far and what I plan to do:

First, the $2 painting which I thought would look amazing in my laundry room, well it does.

I'm thinking that right below it we're going to make a wood sign that says "WASH" in cursive. I think that will look really nice. 

As for the wine rack, well I saw this really cute bar idea off of pinterest, you can find that here

I had the perfect bookshelf in mind, but it is currently being used as a bookshelf/entry table. But then I remembered I had another one. So after moving it around in the apartment it found it's home next to the sliding door in the living room offset to the kitchen. The wine rack happened to look pretty good on top of it as well:

It will be a project of ours. Boyfriend want's to refinish both of the woods, stain them a little darker and gloss them. I'm really excited for the end result, but for now I don't think it looks half bad. :-)

As for the entry way piece that I bought, that will have to wait until another payday or so, so we can buy the paint and brushes that I'm looking for. 


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